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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Catching up

Lots of exciting happenings in our family!!

DD#1 and her hubby are having a baby!! April 2013
This means we're gonna be first time grandparents!!

DD#2 is getting married!! August 2013
Lots of projects on my plate for this one.
I'm making her dress.! The goal is a similar style to this

She's also intriqued by the fabric flower/brooch bouquets

So flower making could be in my future as well.

2013 is gonna be one busy, exciting and life-changing year for our family!

Also keeping me away from blogging, my little Etsy Shop is growing and keeping me quite busy.  Love fulfilling those custom orders for special occasions! Right now I've added several new Christmas tag designs.

I did make time yesterday to make a file to share. Happy Friday!!

Password = BGlad


  1. This is such a great file!! I just can't get it. It keeps saying the password is invalid! Help, please!!!

  2. Sorry, please try again. I think I once again have it so that a password is not necessary.

  3. I love this buggy!! I've seen a few others, but this one is cute. Thanks so much. I love the dress your daughter wants and the fabric flower/brooch bouquets are amazing. I've seen flowers they make by holding the edge over a candle and it curls the fabric. Another person used their heat embossing gun instead to do that. I haven't tried yet.
    Congratulations on the new grandchild!! You do have some very special things in your life right now. :o)

    1. Thanks Diane!
      I've been experimenting with the fabric over the candle for the flowers - I'm amazed at how they are turning out - I'll be blogging that soon!


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