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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scrapping Day!

Tomorrow my sister is coming over and we’ll have a whole day to devote to scrapping!
This is a real luxury for her as she has 3 little ones at home!
My plan is to get started on a recipe album for my DD who is getting married next year. I’ve made a list of some of her favorite foods/recipes and started rounding up photos of us in the kitchen cooking or eating. I’ve got a few recipes hand written by relatives that I received at my wedding shower that I want to scan for pages. I plan to check with other family members to see what kind of photos and recipe stories they may have to contribute too. The more I think about the album the more ideas I come up with - this is going to be fun!
File available at Cutters Market.
Hopefully I’ll have at least one page to share when the day is finished. (Sis & I sometimes get sidetracked! LOL)

*No recipe’s complete till you add some love! (I’ve had this hanging in my kitchen ever since we got married – it is going in the album somewhere!!)
*Kiss the Cook
*Food, Family & Fun
*Food for thought

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  1. Very Sweet.
    This is a wonderful idea.
    We did this at a wedding shower and had the ladies bring their favorite recipes to put in a "cookbook" album for the new bride.
    It will be so special for your daughter.
    No goofing around now, we want pictures.
    Thank you for sharing the file with us.

  2. Uh oh - I shouldn't have told you until after the fact! The pressure is on now!!

  3. Let me just say, I live in a glass house so I won't throw any stones at ya!!!!
    Have fun.


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