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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ship in a Bottle

Ever since spring break I've been in a sea-faring frame of mind.
Funny since we're not boating people, but there it is. :)
yes, this was snapped from shore

I thought this ship in a bottle design would make a nice masculine accent
for cards and layouts.

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 I'm working on a paper pieced version as well.
Happy Weekend!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Be Perfectly Honest - Book Review

To Be Perfectly Honest

By Phil Callaway

The challenge: A year without telling a lie, fib or half truth. That is quite a goal, especially for someone who makes their living embellishing the truth to entertain people. Begs the question: “Is it a lie when you are obviously joking?”  This is just one of the conundrums Phil Callaway maneuvers around as he does, in fact, take up the challenge to be perfectly honest and to record his successes, failures and discoveries along the way.
I was not familiar with Phil Callaway prior to reading this book. Turns out he is the author of more than 20 books as well as a popular event speaker. With that as his resume when news gets out that one of their own is on a nothing-but-the-truth pledge, friends crawl out of the woodwork with pressing questions. Tough questions that deserve honest answers. Questions such as “do you owe me money?” and “do you cheat when we golf?”
Although parts of this book are a little tongue in cheek – several times I wasn’t absolutely sure if the author was telling the truth or cracking another joke – It was interesting to travel this journey along with him. How many times do I hold back on total honesty, "fudge", or dodge an uncomfortable question? Since this book documents Mr. Callaway’s real life, we ride along as he deals with an upcoming class reunion, his family and friends, forgiveness, anger, finances and an ill mother.
This year-in-the-life book features short diary type entries which make it easy to pick up and read in short snippets. The year is broken down into short chapters and “Honest Confessions”. Questions are provided in the back for discussions groups. Although not aimed particularly at men it is the type of book the men in my life enjoy reading – could make an entertaining Father’s Day gift this year.
In short, I chose this book hoping for a light-hearted read – it provided that along with insights on how and what I could do to become more “perfectly honest”.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Press in their blogging for books program. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday and a Hometown Treasure

Haven't posted a photo transformation for a while, but was inspired to do a little playing after seeing this video clip.

This little business is in my hometown. It sits on a funny little corner that I passed a couple times a day on my way to and from high school and ballgames. The glass items they etch made great gifts for special occasions, especially since the same patterns could be cut into many different shapes of glass - plates and glasses, vases, ornaments, etc. and they could be personalized with names and dates.

I found a sunny window sill and snapped a photo of my little bit of cut glass. I received this glass thimble I as a graduation gift way back when. Such delicate little cuts! The artist's name and date is lightly etched into the glass around the bottom lip as well.

I blurred the background a bit then used two of Kim's Klassens Textures, Let Go and Charmed to tone down the starkness and add a bit of character to the photo.

Visit Kim's Cafe' to see more
photo transformations


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspiration . . .

Hello, again!
Sorry for the absence - no major life crisis has kept me away (for which I'm truly thankful!)
Just not very chatty, I guess.
Also, maybe a little cutter's block? :)

At any rate, today I found inspiration right in my home. Although we live nowhere near the sea, we have a somewhat nautical theme going on in parts of the house. 

This little sailboat adorning a shelf in our bedroom served as the model for today's
Sailboat with a Flourish file. 


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