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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

But, it's just a small change . . .

We've spent several weekends this summer getting our former home in Indiana ready to sell again, after renting it out for a couple years.

much to hubby's dismay (he who loves the status quo),
has caused me to look around for things to change up around here as well.

much to my dismay,
it suddenly becomes very apparent this place we call home needs a little deep cleaning also!

to kill several birds with one stone I designed this little file to update our door coming in from the garage.

of course, necessitated cleaning said door,
Sparklin' Clean!
which led to noticing and cleaning several other areas in that same vicinity (think light switch cover, garage door opener, step, rug, on and on it goes!)

Also hoping that it,
being such a sweet little welcome home,

hubby won't mind the minor change to our door.

And maybe once he's gotten used to that I can embellish it just a bit more ;)
Gotta keep the man on his toes!

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