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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Redemption - Book Review

Redemption: A Rebellious Spirit, a Praying Mother, and the Unlikely Path to Olympic Gold
by Bryan Clay

Do your best and let God make it good enough – He Is Faithful!

A pregnant mom’s simple prayer that God would keep her baby safe, make him healthy and give him purpose was answered in the person of Bryan Clay.  In his book, Redemption, Bryan tells the story that leads to his success as a Gold Medal Athlete in the Olympic Decathlon.  But, more than just an athlete’s story, this is a man’s story of what God can do with a life when we give our best.
The book has a good mix of sports and life experience which makes an interesting read even for a non-athlete/sports fan. Mature teens could learn much about how to handle temptation, disappointment, and success by following Bryan’s examples. I found it interesting how Bryan explains how he breaks down decathlete events into very basic steps to improve his technique and performance and how he uses that skill in his life as well. While considering marriage he analyzed what true love is - an example many could follow today. While expecting his first child he examined how the various men/father figures he had known influenced his life. This is a thoughtful, intentional guy!
Unfortunately Bryan didn’t qualify to defend his title at the Olympics in London this year. We can be assured, however, that he knows his life has another purpose “I feel that I have been put on earth not only to win medals and enjoy the thrill of competition but also, ultimately, to point people to the faithfulness of God.” ~ Bryan Clay
I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson through their BookSneeze program.
Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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