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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Story

I'm thinking any photo could be used for this prompt - as every picture tells a story - right??
Yesterday was a beautiful sunshiny day - perfect for getting some great photos. I, of course, got involved with other projects and didn't get around to snapping anything until late in the day so my originals weren't as good as they could have been - but that's another story :)

My photo actually contains several stories. The sewing supplies belonged to my Grandma who passed away last year. Her sewing basket and its contents were passed down to me. Grandma loved color so I chose some colorful thread spools to highlight. I love the timeworn metal scissors and thimble so I grabbed them out of the basket too.

Grandma spent many hours making and giving. Many laps and babies have been warmed by the little quilts she put together with her "sewing circle" church group. The diamond shape is a pattern piece for a "nosegay" quilt; in her handwriting she noted "6 piece pattern" "cut 6 pieces this one."

Being the oldest grandchild I was the recipient of the first of 10 "made with love from Grandma" quilts. My quilt, a double wedding ring design, is in the background of the photo. My mom passed along pieces of outgrown clothing and scraps from home sewn garments for Grandma to include in the quilt. I can pick out fabric from our special patriotic 1976 outfits, my favorite "float" dress, flannels from pj's, plaids from Dad's shirt, prints from baby sisters wardrobe, etc.

With a little PSE magic and Kim's Just Stitched texture and tutorials my late-in-the-day snapshot is transformed into this memory worthy Story Photo. Thanks Kim!

This is the sewing box of which I am now keeper. I think I will weed out a few items and use it to store some the the birthday cards, photos and other memory joggers and keepsakes that I've kept through the years.

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  1. What an excellent story!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I, too, have quilts from my gramma
    as do my sisters.
    We are all so lucky to have these!
    And the stories which go with them.

  2. I agree, Deb, we are lucky to have both the quilts and memories to pass along!


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