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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting 2012 with a Zing!

Happy New Year!
Hope 2012 has started off on the right foot for you.

We had a wonderful Christmas break! Spent precious time visiting and celebrating with family. Our travels were safe and uneventful. And we even got a reminder of what a winter snow is like (honestly, I didn't need the reminder, but it was pretty!)
Indiana snow covering our North Carolina & Tennessee vehicles
The guys un-covering our North Carolina & Tennessee vehicles!

I received a new toy for Christmas! After cutting and crafting with my Craft Robo for 5 years (and being very good about not lusting after all the upgraded cutters that have come along during those years), Hubby gifted me with a KNK Zing! Not only can I cut larger (up to 14" wide!), but I can cut heavier, denser papers and even fabric!!
So . . .
I am now learning how to operate this nifty new cutter along with learning to design with new software (MakeTheCut). Making progress - but still lots to learn!!

Haven't gotten too adventurous yet with this new machine, although I did try cutting chipboard - and as they say "cut like butter"!!

I must admit to being a little intimidated at first (uh, still) with the variety of cut settings (blade depth, force, offset), but I'm getting the hang of it and with each cut I get a better understanding of how everything works together.

If anyone is considering purchasing this cutter and has questions let me know - I will do some experimenting and report back.  :)

All that being said, for file sharing I'll be offering different file type downloads. Please, if these don't work for you let me know, 'cause the only one I have tested is MTC. MTC software allows me to export in svg, ai/eps, and pdf; so hopefully one of these will work for you without too much trouble.

So here it is my first share from my Zing! This is sized for a scrapbook page - but could easily be cut larger!
Happy 2012!!

Speaking of a New Year - my goal is to update my blog a bit more often than I have been recently - but you know how resolutions go . . .
:) See ya soon!
**Update** Suddenly 4shared is asking for a password, even though I didn't change any settings.
**Password is BGlad**

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  1. Hello Vickie & Happy New Year to you too! I just tried to d/l your 2012 file & it is telling me I need a password but I don't see one in your post. HELP!

  2. Very strange - I didn't change any settings - Until you reported this problem.

    Now I have set up a password - BGlad should work for everything. Until they change something else :)

    Thanks for letting me know Debbi!

  3. Congratulations on the new cutter. I also am the proud owner of a new zing.

  4. Congrats Renae!
    Done anything "wild & crazy" with your yet??

  5. congrats on your new toy...thanks for sharing your fun banner file


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