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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rustic Christmas Joy

We've had some beautiful sunny weather lately
that just begs one to go outside and do something
Perfect time to do a little Christmas crafting.

Inspired by this rustic sign I found on Pinterest
I had quite a productive afternoon.
Then added several layers of paint in multiple colors
(Let dry between coats)
I didn't think to take photos while painting my joy sign . . .
not one to let a good board go to waste . . .
I turned it over and now I will have decor
for the patriotic holidays as well as
photos to share
Once I worked up to a layer of white I added my vinyl cutouts 

(I used inexpensive contact paper)
Then more layers of paint - right over the vinyl
When the paint was dry I removed the vinyl letters
for the big reveal
For a more rustic look I got out the sandpaper 
and rubbed down the edges and selected rough spots.
This is where all those paint colors get a chance to show through

And since I still had some daylight left I
used the back side of a drawer to feature
a nativity scene - using the same procedure
Think I need to add a little greenery and find a place
on the porch for a bit of rustic Christmas Joy

The font I used for this project is
Carbon Block
the nativity scene came from
Heart of Christmas File

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tropically Embellished KitchenAid & Freebie

I've been slowly bringing a bit of the tropics to my kitchen decor.
After adding a sunny yellow to the walls it just seemed like a natural and fun direction in which to head. :)

Most recently even my very "distinguished" black mixer has decided to join the fun.
 Here's a file share
just in case you have something
that needs a bit of tropical flare

Please note I've only cut these files from vinyl -  
they contain small pieces and delicate cuts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

THE FRIDAY SOCIETY on Thanksgiving Thursday

Through my Etsy shop I've become acquainted with a delightful author by the name of Adrienne Kress.
Adrienne was interested in my steampunk confetti to use at the December 7th launch of her new book
The Friday Society.

Can you imagine how excited she is??

Sounds like a fun and adventurous read  - you will find a link to an excerpt here.  If you have tween/teen ladies on your Christmas list you might want to check it out!

Hope all my American friends are having a great Thanksgiving!
(My turkey is roasting as I type!)
Enjoy this steampunk style turkey cut file!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bling & Baubles

Since we are looking toward assembling a fabric flower/brooch bouquet we've been collecting a bit of bling & a few baubles.
Found several of these pieces at a local flea market last weekend.
It is like a mini treasure hunt each time I visit my local craft and second-hand stores. :) I've found several pieces in my crafting stash that may work too. Hoping to add a few special pieces from family members to make it even more of  a keepsake.
Here's a little bit of love to add to your crafting projects.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Catching up

Lots of exciting happenings in our family!!

DD#1 and her hubby are having a baby!! April 2013
This means we're gonna be first time grandparents!!

DD#2 is getting married!! August 2013
Lots of projects on my plate for this one.
I'm making her dress.! The goal is a similar style to this

She's also intriqued by the fabric flower/brooch bouquets

So flower making could be in my future as well.

2013 is gonna be one busy, exciting and life-changing year for our family!

Also keeping me away from blogging, my little Etsy Shop is growing and keeping me quite busy.  Love fulfilling those custom orders for special occasions! Right now I've added several new Christmas tag designs.

I did make time yesterday to make a file to share. Happy Friday!!

Password = BGlad

Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Were Born for This - Book Review

You Were Born For This
by Bruce Wilkinson

In this book Mr. Wilkinson compels you to ask yourself several questions. What is a miracle? Do you believe in miracles? Have you seen or experienced a miracle? Can you be a part of a miracle for someone else?

His basic premise is that as followers of Jesus our life’s work is to “go and make disciples of all nations.” A pretty tall order – impossible even, in our own power, but with the power of His Holy Spirit within us we can and should be doing so much more than we may realize.

Wilkinson’s book continues by spelling out step by step how we can make ourselves ready and willing to allow God to use us to accomplish miracles in other people’s lives. And while some of his “keys” and “signals” and other terms may seem somewhat forced at times, I found many ideas I can put into play in my own life.

I do believe this was a good wakeup call for me to hear. Am I living up to what God created me to be? Am I aware of the needs of those around me? Am I willing to be used by my loving Heavenly Father to make a difference in the lives of those around me? I found the book a great reminder to really notice the people I come in contact with and to pay attention to how my willingness to be used by God in even small ways can affect their lives. A miracle doesn’t need to be big and flashy – but a small deed or action orchestrated by God can be life changing to all involved.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men ~ Colossians 3:23

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Press through their Blogging for Books program. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.
An inspirational read from Waterbrook Press

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tisket, a tasket

A tisket, a tasket
I made a card from a basket!
My sister likes the Babushka type dolls

so when I saw a cut pattern for a doll shaped basket at the Paper Matrix I thought it might come in handy at some point.

When Sis's birthday came around this year I was having a hard time thinking up a card worthy of the occasion. That's when I remembered this
Paper Matrix version

My version
I imported the PDF files generously provided on the Paper Matrix blog, chose my paper colors (kind of copied their color scheme, thinking it might help me with assembly) and started cutting.

If I would have gotten this idea a few days earlier I could have worked on smoothing out some of the rough spots in transferring the pdf to a cutting file, but since I was working on this at the last minute I used my exacto and sharp scissors to smooth a couple rough areas.

Didn't it turn out awesome! Love all the tiny details and all the layers (6 sheets of cardstock!!) And once I shortened the handle a little it fit nicely in a business size envelope.

After cutting and assembling (just a bit tricky) I scanned the completed piece and used the scanned image to make a little insert for the "card"

Get it? Big and Small :)
While you are checking out the Paper Matrix be sure to look at their hot air balloons and woven containers - you won't believe they are made from flat pieces of paper!!
I sooo want to try these!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

But, it's just a small change . . .

We've spent several weekends this summer getting our former home in Indiana ready to sell again, after renting it out for a couple years.

much to hubby's dismay (he who loves the status quo),
has caused me to look around for things to change up around here as well.

much to my dismay,
it suddenly becomes very apparent this place we call home needs a little deep cleaning also!

to kill several birds with one stone I designed this little file to update our door coming in from the garage.

of course, necessitated cleaning said door,
Sparklin' Clean!
which led to noticing and cleaning several other areas in that same vicinity (think light switch cover, garage door opener, step, rug, on and on it goes!)

Also hoping that it,
being such a sweet little welcome home,

hubby won't mind the minor change to our door.

And maybe once he's gotten used to that I can embellish it just a bit more ;)
Gotta keep the man on his toes!

Password = BGlad

This was my inspiration
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

I feel like I've missed summer this year.
Without a doubt we've had the hot days, the hazy days, the busy days and crazy days -
guess I've just missed a few of those lazy days!!

Was fun to take a little time yesterday to work on a Texture Tuesday photo transformation.
I decided to play with a photo of one of my summer-like souvenirs and Kim Klassen's Dream It texture.

Starting with my original in Photoshop Elements
Layer 1 - Cropped It
Layer 2 - Linear Burn @ 75% gives it more depth
Used eraser tool to remove some of the "burn" around the shell edges
Layer 3 - Linear Light @ 23% brings out even more detail & dimension
Layer 4 - Kim Klassen's Dream It Texture Softlight @ 100%
(used the eraser again to remove some texture over the shell)
Layer 5 - Like the shape of the text here - but difficult to read
Final Result - Text Font = Catholic School Girl Softlight @ 100%

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smoky Mountains - Texture Tuesday

Just can never get enough of God's beautiful creation!

This is a view we caught of a distant mountain peak while hiking up to Laurel Falls. 

Same photo after a little tweaking and adding a couple Kim Klassen textures -
Portrait and Scripted Edges

And this is what made the hike worthwhile!

to see more Texture Tuesday photo transformations
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heavenly Hideaway

Just returned from a fun and relaxing get-away with our extended family.

Finding it a little difficult to settle back into a routine,
but also feeling refreshed and excited to get some old projects finished and new ones started.
What a dilema! :)

In honor of the Olympics which will officially kick off later this week in London, I've put together
this file featuring a British Guard.
The starry background ovals can be cut and used with other projects.

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