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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Patches the Scaredy Cat - Texture Tuesday

I used a photo of my daughter's cat Patches for this week's "orange" challenge.
We got Patches as a kitten for my daughter's 11th birthday. He was a great companion for her, although he definitely had his peculiarities.

I called him the ultimate scaredy cat. See that look in his eyes - you would think I was aiming a dangerous weapon at him - not a harmless camera! Sadly, Patches died earlier this year, just shy of 15 years with her. It was amazing to me that his little fraidy heart hadn't given out on him many years before.

He was definitely an indoor cat, but when he did go outside he hugged the ground and was constantly glancing in all directions looking for danger. In the autumn if he stepped on a crunchy leaf he scared himself and looked around to see who or what was following him before darting back toward the house. And if the door was shut AHHH! - panic attack!!

The poor guy once got a sticky glue-type mouse trap stuck to his foot and hid under the couch - didn't think we would ever see him again! We were able to free him by reaching under the couch with a yardstick and prying the gooey thing loose.

And he cracked me up one day when I was getting meat out of our chest style freezer. While curiously watching me he leaned in a bit too far - fell in  - panicked! - jumped out - jumped back in! - scrambled around and finally found his way out again. Yes - I had a cat running laps in my freezer! Could have won some money if I'd had a video of that escapade!!

Thanks Patch for the companionship and leaving years of stories and giggles to remember you by.
I used Kim's Pumpkin Grunge and Scripted Edges textures.

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  1. Nice work with the texture. Lovely story.

  2. Love how the texture has given the photo such a dreamy look.

  3. So pretty! lovely texture work!

  4. What fun memories, Vickie. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Patches never looked better! Well done.

  6. I had a scaredy cat once, too... your post brought back lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. So beautiful, Patches, his story and your textures.

  8. Good work on Patches photo, it's a lovely reminder of your friend.

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