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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Fun

Another photo for Texture Tuesday
 {and a story!}

Our front porch back in Indiana was a popular hang-out for nest building.
Almost every year we had birds of some sort trying to raise their family there, some more successfully than others. We had swallows dabbing mud, little wrens nesting in the door wreath, and robins hanging out under the eaves.
We tried discouraging this messy business, but soon discovered that birds are very determined creatures! I would bring down the bits of grass and weeds one afternoon and the next morning there was a full blown nest in it's place.

My Motto:

if you can't beat 'em . . .photograph 'em!

This little family called our porch home back in May 2005.
I think the bigger spectacle was probably me trying to balance on a chair with the camera held over my head trying to get this photo!!

Don't know how they all manage to stay inside the nest!!
We watched Mom and Dad busily fly back and forth taking turns keeping these little tummies full.
They did a great job! Before we knew it the nest was clearing out.

These were the last two - and somehow I was lucky enough to be home and watching at the time they left the nest for good. They took a flying leap and perched in a nearby tree where they caught their breath, chirped a bit and headed to the next tree and the next.
I was truly amazed at their rate of growth. I took the photo of the new hatchlings on May 21 and the last one left the nest on May 30th. It was so fun to be able to follow along and document their little family story as it played out!

Now to take a long story and finally get to the point . . .

through the magic of PhotoShop Elements and free tips, techniques and textures I've picked up from Kim Klaussen's Cafe I've turned this not so great (but memory filled) photo

into this little art print

I'd encourage anyone looking to get more out of their PhotoShop software to check out Kim's tutorials and classes - so much to learn - but she makes it soo easy!!

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  1. Our back porch rafters used to attract bird nests too, but we haven't had any in a few years. It IS a challenge to get the camera aimed without killing yourself! :)


  2. Lovely! You really took this photo to a different level with PS!

  3. Lovely! You really took this photo to a diffferent level with PS.

  4. Oh what a sweet series of nesting robins! Love what you did with that last photo. Such a nice artistic touch!

  5. Oh my, how amazing! I really enjoyed these pictures.

    Just beautiful. Textured one came out fantastic!

  6. this looks great. A perfect little art print.

  7. So beautiful! I love what you did with this!


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