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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top Dogs

Adding to our Dog Day collection, today I have a Labrador piecing to share.
I finally investigated hooking my CraftRobo up to our Vista based computer. I downloaded the Silhouette software, plugged in my cutter and it was ready - so easy! After a couple trial runs with the pen tool I found it an easy transition from RoboMaster. So I've added another option for file downloading. If this is useful to you I will continue to offer the Studio format as well as my old standbys of GSD SVG and EPS.

Top Cartoon Dogs
 Evidently this is very hard to determine, as I found several lists with several different Top Dogs.
 I liked this list the best :)
  1. Scooby-Doo
  2. Snoopy
  3. Clifford
  4. Pluto
  5. UnderDog
  6. Goofy
  7. Astro
  8. Mutley
  9. Brian
  10. Tramp
Hope you are enjoying these dog days!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photo Transformation - Dream

 Kim Klaussen's Texture Tuesday theme this week is DREAM

I know the heat this year has been almost unbearable but . . .
I still love summer!

I used Kim's Burnt Edges and She Loves You Yeah textures


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss Poodle

Another file in the "Dog Days" series.
For some reason this sweet poodle with her long eyelashes has always reminded me of a Southern Belle.
She could be added to a layout or card.
Have fun!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Fun

Another photo for Texture Tuesday
 {and a story!}

Our front porch back in Indiana was a popular hang-out for nest building.
Almost every year we had birds of some sort trying to raise their family there, some more successfully than others. We had swallows dabbing mud, little wrens nesting in the door wreath, and robins hanging out under the eaves.
We tried discouraging this messy business, but soon discovered that birds are very determined creatures! I would bring down the bits of grass and weeds one afternoon and the next morning there was a full blown nest in it's place.

My Motto:

if you can't beat 'em . . .photograph 'em!

This little family called our porch home back in May 2005.
I think the bigger spectacle was probably me trying to balance on a chair with the camera held over my head trying to get this photo!!

Don't know how they all manage to stay inside the nest!!
We watched Mom and Dad busily fly back and forth taking turns keeping these little tummies full.
They did a great job! Before we knew it the nest was clearing out.

These were the last two - and somehow I was lucky enough to be home and watching at the time they left the nest for good. They took a flying leap and perched in a nearby tree where they caught their breath, chirped a bit and headed to the next tree and the next.
I was truly amazed at their rate of growth. I took the photo of the new hatchlings on May 21 and the last one left the nest on May 30th. It was so fun to be able to follow along and document their little family story as it played out!

Now to take a long story and finally get to the point . . .

through the magic of PhotoShop Elements and free tips, techniques and textures I've picked up from Kim Klaussen's Cafe I've turned this not so great (but memory filled) photo

into this little art print

I'd encourage anyone looking to get more out of their PhotoShop software to check out Kim's tutorials and classes - so much to learn - but she makes it soo easy!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Life, In Spite of Me - Book Review

Life, In Spite of Me
by Kristen Jane Anderson

Lives Saved by A Suicide Attempt 

Why would a beautiful, well-liked, church-attending 17 year old want to end her life? Kristen shares life events - friends' deaths, rape, depression - that brought her to that split second decision.

While Kristen may have thought she was ready to die – God had other plans for her. From all accounts Kristen Jane Anderson’s suicide attempt should have ended her life. In this book she chronicles her life before and after that day she decided to give it all up. Although she suffered traumatic, life-changing injuries there is no pity or blame in her story. She has shared a very touching journey showcasing God’s strength and love through her weakness. 

Since her remarkable recovery Kristen has acquired a dynamic relationship with Christ, overcome depression, graduated from college, formed a suicide prevention outreach ministry,  Reaching You Ministries , and even appeared on the Oprah Show. In the meantime, through God’s grace, she has managed to use her story to encourage and impact the lives of countless people.

This is a book of hope for those who feel hopeless. It is a quick read that would be perfect to share and discus with teens and pre-teens. Included is a Resources Section that lists Suicide Warning Signs and prevention tips.

In Kristen’s words “Gratitude filled my heart. I was grateful that I’d lost my legs. That, more than anything else, had brought me to Christ.”

I received this book for free
from WaterBrook Multnomah Press
in their blogging for books program.
Opinions expressed in this review
are my own.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog Days

The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days (the hottest, most sultry days of summer) as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11.
Yep, I guess we are in 'em! So might as well make the most of them!
Through the years I've paper pieced (by hand) several different doggie designs. So I thought I would convert some to cutting files in order to share them with you and be able easily re-use them myself. 
Perfect place to start would be with the dachshound aka the HOTdog - of course!!

In the next several days I'll post the other dogs that I have made.
Do you have a special dog type you'd like in a cut file?
Email me or leave a comment and I'll do my best to design one!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Pretty In Pink

I decided to play around with the image of my It's a Girl Clothes Pins this week.
After adding three of Kim's textures - Scripted, Life's Good, and Sweettart
This is the result
Really aged those baby shoes didn't it!!

See more lovely pink transformations at


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime! Birthday Season!

Hope everyone had a fun 4th. We were able to visit with family in North Carolina, so the weekend went way too fast to suit us!
We're just finishing up "birthday season" in our extended family (7 birthdays in 11 days).
I always like to do something a little unique when giving a gift of cash - but was coming up short of ideas (and time) when the little yellow pad of Post-Its grabbed my attention. No more boring cash!
I just sketched & colored on the Post-It, making sure to take advantage of the little sticky strip. I cut out my "masterpiece" and attached it to Andrew. No permanent damage - but not your average $.

Andrew's party hat reminds me of a clown, which brings to mind the county fair, which makes me think of carnival foods. So I'm sharing my Carnival Food cutting file.
I've always had a weakness for cotton candy & elephant ears - what's your favorite?

(oooh, I just had a thought - wonder how Mr. Jackson would look with a big round red nose?? or a Bozo hairdoo?? or a Santa hat & beard?? or reindeer antlers?? Oh, my I think I've started something!) If this has sparked your creativity, I'd love to see what you've come up with - please share!!

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**In testing my links I see that 4shared may be having issues - if you can't get to the downloads - please try again later**

Monday, July 4, 2011

Texture Tuesday - "3"

For this week's
3 Challenge
 I decided to try combining 3 photos.
Here are the three I started with
Another photo from our spring trip to the beach

Not an eagle -
but I was hoping to achieve that illusion

Large flag spotted flying on the 4th

After some cropping and the addition of Kim Klaussen's Canvas Back texture . . .

American Freedom - July 4, 2011
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas in July!

Primitive and Folk Artist CIJ

The Etsy PAFA team has been busy as Santa's elves preparing for another big celebration. Visit Etsy and search PAFACIJ to see new Christmas and winter treasures.

If you'd like to do some shopping in my store be sure to use the coupon code ChristmasInJuly to save 10% on your purchases this month. I've added lots of new items!

There's also a giveaway going on at the PAFA Blog. Head on over and made sure you're signed up for a chance to win a great prim prize.

Primitive and Folk Artist

Happy Holiday Shopping/Browsing/Winning!

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