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Friday, July 30, 2010

Close Encounters

Thought I would get out this morning before it got too hot and do a little shrub maintenance around the house. I was happily trimming shrubs when I saw a wasp get caught in a web, struggle a bit then break free. Now, I grew up on a farm - spiders, bugs, worms, etc - I don't freak out - don't particularly like them - but I can deal with them. I either ignore them, scoop them out of my way or smush them -  no big deal. Well, after witnessing this narrow escape I saw the spider who evidently was ready to pounce on her would-be victim if he had hung around long enough. I stared - pondered for a second - then ran for my camera. Unfortunately(?), the spider had taken cover before I could get the shot but I found this photo online that could pass for "my" spider's twin.
Oh, yeah - a black widow! No doubt in my mind - she had a perfect red hourglass shape on her belly. Next thing I did was grab the can of spider spray and saturate the area!! Then I packed up my tools and headed for the house - I 've definitely done enough outdoor work for today!!

Earlier this week I caught sight of another bug I'd never seen before. This one was running across my sidewalk as I sat on the porch. I did manage to snap a couple photos, but it was a fast mover so you can't see it too clearly.
Looked like a giant furry ant. Checked it out online and discovered it is a Red Velvet Ant aka "Cow Killer"!
Check out this video I found - you can hear how it squeals and see the size of their stinger - YIKES!

After discovering all the dangerous bugs right outside my front door I feel like hiding in a dark corner in my closet - no wait - that's where those venomous Brown Recluse Spiders like to hang out . . . HELP!!

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  1. Good Gosh, I would sit inside a net if I came across those bugs!!! Holy Moly!!!!!!!! Eeeek!

  2. LOL
    I do think it is time to call the "bug guy"!

  3. yikes, where is it you live so i can avoid the


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