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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Close Encounters

Thought I would get out this morning before it got too hot and do a little shrub maintenance around the house. I was happily trimming shrubs when I saw a wasp get caught in a web, struggle a bit then break free. Now, I grew up on a farm - spiders, bugs, worms, etc - I don't freak out - don't particularly like them - but I can deal with them. I either ignore them, scoop them out of my way or smush them -  no big deal. Well, after witnessing this narrow escape I saw the spider who evidently was ready to pounce on her would-be victim if he had hung around long enough. I stared - pondered for a second - then ran for my camera. Unfortunately(?), the spider had taken cover before I could get the shot but I found this photo online that could pass for "my" spider's twin.
Oh, yeah - a black widow! No doubt in my mind - she had a perfect red hourglass shape on her belly. Next thing I did was grab the can of spider spray and saturate the area!! Then I packed up my tools and headed for the house - I 've definitely done enough outdoor work for today!!

Earlier this week I caught sight of another bug I'd never seen before. This one was running across my sidewalk as I sat on the porch. I did manage to snap a couple photos, but it was a fast mover so you can't see it too clearly.
Looked like a giant furry ant. Checked it out online and discovered it is a Red Velvet Ant aka "Cow Killer"!
Check out this video I found - you can hear how it squeals and see the size of their stinger - YIKES!

After discovering all the dangerous bugs right outside my front door I feel like hiding in a dark corner in my closet - no wait - that's where those venomous Brown Recluse Spiders like to hang out . . . HELP!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Window Peeper

We've let the birds plant the sunflowers this year.
That means that most of them are concentrated right around the bird feeder.

I think there may be a little espionage going on though . . .
As this one's peeking right in our livingroom window!

I think they may have us "bugged" too!

But . . .

I guess turnabout IS fair play . . .

Because . . .

I've been doing a little window peeping myself!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Red, White & Blue

So, I may have missed the Fourth - but I'm all prepared for Labor Day!!
I've added to my patriotic outdoor display.

Along with my Patriotic Plank and Gourd Birdhouse I scrounged around in the garage and found a birdhouse, wreath and drawer. I repainted the birdhouse with a few stars and stripes, added a muslin bow to the wreath and gave the drawer a make-over.
The drawer actually started out white. I dry brushed  it inside and out with some country blue and gray and my "canvas" was ready!

Next I made a list of some words that are important to me . . .
Picked up a paint brush and some black paint . . .
And came up with this subway art inspired piece.

I think this piece will give me several options and can have different looks depending what I put with it. I'm also thinking that I could add Christmas words to the back side and use it in a Christmas display.

Hope you enjoy this cutting file!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's a file for all the facebookers amongst you.
And even if you avoid the whole facebook thing I think you may be able to use this one - it is a pretty universal symbol!!

Please share photos - I would love to see the creative ways you find to use this file!

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I've got some other facebookish ideas - anyone interested?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today I'm too . . .

Excuses, excuses!!
I can sure come up with a lot of them! I could say I'm too hot (upper 90's here today), too busy (always have a list a mile long!), too distracted (anyone else have good intentions that go astray when a nifty new creative endeavor pops into their brain?), too behind (always playing catch-up here), too lazy (I'll admit it, sometimes I just put things off!!)

At any rate -

Today I'm too happy that I can take the time to share a few of my recent card creations with you!!
(Remember all those July birthdays? . . .)

Added a bit of lace and a copper charm to this one.

Had fun mixing and matching prints and embellishing with rubber stamps. (MIL actually said she saves the cards I make her! cha-ching!!)

My brother is so lucky! He has the whole nation helping him celebrate!!
I used last week's fireworks cut on this swing card, along with some rubber stamping and chalking

And that brings us to today's share . . .
(Notice the play on words with the blog post title - am I clever or what?! LOL)
I used stickers and bright colors on this shaped card for my nephew. (another confession - I actually made this card too big to fit in my envelope! I resized the file though - so you shouldn't have a problem!!)

Hoping I brought a smile to you today (or at least made you nod your head or roll your eyes!!)

Happy Thursday!! (what? already? where did this week go?)

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!

What have I been working on?
Well . . . in our family July is almost like Christmas.
We celebrate all these birthdays in the first 10 days of the month: mother-in-law, brother, 2 nephews, sister-in-law, niece, mom. Needless to say, I've been working on birthday cards!! Those, unfortunately, I don't have photos of yet, but I do have this project that I finished up just before our trip.

I was inspired by this post at Knock-Off Wood.
Which was inspired by this accessory from Pottery Barn.
The best part is it cost me practically nothing because I made it from this . . .

That's right - styrofoam!! I had saved some packing foam from recent purchases, so I had a great canvas to start the project. I cut the foam to size (mine is 21" square) with this tool that I bought on ebay last year.
Next I drew out my design in pencil and I used my woodburning tool

to define the "panels", stars and stripes. I also made some gouges and "worm holes" with the woodburner to make the panel look more wood-like.
I brushed black acrylic paint in the indentations. Next I selected several shades of red, white, blue and gray paints to give the project a patriotic look. When the colors were dry I used a dry brush and rag with a bit more black paint to create shadows, definition and give a more aged appearance. The final step was to coat the "board" with a layer of water-based acrylic sealer so I could display it outside.

I plan to add more to this display - but summer is just too hectic right now!!

By the way, these are the same basic steps I used to make this project.

The Beach Sign Mystery is solved at last!

To celebrate the summer weekend ahead I'm sharing a fireworks cutting file.


Have a safe and fun weekend!!

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