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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Redo and a Cutter File too!

Anyone else out there still have a waterbed? We got ours when we got married 28 years ago, and you know how we like to hold on to things . . .
But - I was getting  a bit tired of that big dark piece of furniture and talked hubby into letting me make a change!! Here's the before
{Please excuse the bad photo - I had to scan one from an old album. I got so excited to get the project started I forgot to take before photos!!}
And here's the after
Coordinates much better with my revamped rolltop desk don'tcha think??

We replaced the backing behind the shelves with beadboard to add more interest and detail,
then I gave it a couple coats of white and a brush-on, rub-off of mocha glaze.

To give the mirror a new look I brushed on a heavy layer of white paint, then while the paint was still wet I did a little finger painting!
I've been crafting a few "sea-worthy" accessories too, which I'll highlight in a future post. I'm also keeping my eyes open for beachy curtain and bedding ideas. :)

In keeping with the theme I designed this shell border for all my digital cuttter friends

Sea Quotes
SEA-son's Greetings!!
SEAS the day!
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  1. Wow Looks like a brand new headboard!! We had a waterbed up till a couple years ago...I miss it..but we bought a really good mattress that I am happy with now.
    Thanks for the file! It's cute

  2. Lovely job on the headboard! Looks much more contemporary and your cutting file is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Hope you find a good use for the file!

  4. Ohhh I had a headboard just like that! Brings back wonderful memories. I always loved my waterbeds!

  5. What a remarkable transformation. I would never believe it was the same bed. A job very well done! Thank you for sharing this project on the Boardwalk Bragfest! It is indeed very "brag worthy".

  6. What a great redo! Love the "finger painting" idea-definitely something I never would have been creative enough to think of. Stopping by from Completely Coastal :) Happy New Year!


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