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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Bumper Crop

We've had a wet late summer/early fall here. And that has lead to a bumper crop of fungi! I took a walk around my yard one morning and snapped photos of quite a variety of toadstools - a myriad of shapes, sizes, textures and colors.
These were the largest - some as big as a small dinner plate!

These looked teddy bear soft!

Cute little quartet.

So delicate when you get a close look!

They take on a whole new look as they begin to dry

Must have been perfect growing conditions here!!

My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary early next year, so my mind is starting to work in that direction. Cut from gold metallic paper or vinyl this may work to embellish an invitation. We'll see . . .

Now available for purchase at Cutters Market.

Mushroom Quotes:
*Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it's the real thing until it's too late. ~ Bill Balance
*All mushrooms are edible - once (CAUTION: don't try this at home!!)
*You must grow like a tree, not like a mushroom ~ Janet Erskine Stuart

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