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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day File

Growing up a farmer's daughter gives one an appreciation of nature/God's creation. From an early age I learned that the year's income could suddenly be totally out of our control - a too wet spring, or a late frost could give crops an early setback - a heavy downpour shortly after planting can wash seed right out of the ground, lack of rain or a hail storm can radically decrease yield - and a wet fall or early snow can prevent even a good crop from being harvested. If perhaps you experience a wonderful growing season that produces a bumper crop the price per bushel of corn/wheat/beans falls through the floor! Add to this a crop disease or insect threat and it seems pretty hard to come out ahead. Even though my parents have never been to Las Vegas and don't play The Lottery, they are big-time gamblers!

Anyway, we grew up with a healthy respect for the earth, and our environmental resources. Even with that background, it is easy to get used to all the conveniences of the day and embrace the throw-away mentality of our society. Earth Day for us serves as a reminder to look at "stuff" we purchase with a more critical eye, to be creative in reusing what we already have, and to pass along instead of throw away usable items we no longer need. As an added bonus it saves $'s too!

Here's my tip - keep an old Kleenex box or two and stuff your plastic bags (from Walmart/Target, etc) in them and stash one in the bathroom cabinet, garage or back of your vehicle. It is amazing how many bags will fit in even the smallest box and it keeps them neatly handy until needed.

File now available for purchase at Cutters Market.

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  1. Love your tip! Thats a great idea, one that i will use.


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