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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you ready?

There are lots of "occasions" coming up in the next few weeks - Mother's Day, Graduations, Weddings, Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day, and Memorial Day to name several!! Are you ready? (I'll admit it - I am not!!)

Luckily National Scrapbooking Day is this weekend - a perfect excuse to spend a little extra time working on cards and projects for all these special days.
I had a request for a smooth cutting layered flower, so I thought I'd share the file with all of you.

This makes a great 3D accent for a page or card.

File now available for purchase at Cutters Market


Let the kids make a bouquet by threading the layers onto a pipecleaner and then bending the pipecleaner to make a flower stem/leaf. The kids will have great fun mixing and matching layers cut from multiple colors and prints or even coloring, stamping or glittering the petals themselves!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day File

Growing up a farmer's daughter gives one an appreciation of nature/God's creation. From an early age I learned that the year's income could suddenly be totally out of our control - a too wet spring, or a late frost could give crops an early setback - a heavy downpour shortly after planting can wash seed right out of the ground, lack of rain or a hail storm can radically decrease yield - and a wet fall or early snow can prevent even a good crop from being harvested. If perhaps you experience a wonderful growing season that produces a bumper crop the price per bushel of corn/wheat/beans falls through the floor! Add to this a crop disease or insect threat and it seems pretty hard to come out ahead. Even though my parents have never been to Las Vegas and don't play The Lottery, they are big-time gamblers!

Anyway, we grew up with a healthy respect for the earth, and our environmental resources. Even with that background, it is easy to get used to all the conveniences of the day and embrace the throw-away mentality of our society. Earth Day for us serves as a reminder to look at "stuff" we purchase with a more critical eye, to be creative in reusing what we already have, and to pass along instead of throw away usable items we no longer need. As an added bonus it saves $'s too!

Here's my tip - keep an old Kleenex box or two and stuff your plastic bags (from Walmart/Target, etc) in them and stash one in the bathroom cabinet, garage or back of your vehicle. It is amazing how many bags will fit in even the smallest box and it keeps them neatly handy until needed.

File now available for purchase at Cutters Market.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Way back in July 2007 I shared photos of the old barn on my dad's farm. It was getting to be pretty wobbly, so it was torn down and is now being recycled!


and here's a look at the new bluebird house my dad made from some of the old siding. He made one for each of us kids.


My mom has gotten interested in barn quilts. They are quilt patterns painted on wood and attached to barns or other buildings. I don't have a photo of the one on their farm but it is International Red, Black and White and really looks sharp!

So to help our little feathered friends feel cozy in their new house she made a tiny barn quilt for our birdhouses. The perfect touch! Haven't seen anyone move in yet, but it makes me happy just seeing it outside our window.

Here's a paper version for your cutter.

File now available for purchase at Cutters Market.

Cut four for this variation

Happy cutting!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Weekend!

This week went fast. I was able to get a few more boxes unpacked along with sewing up a couple curtains.

I'm looking forward to this holiday weekend. We will be able to spend time with both our girls to celebrate Easter.

I worked on a couple special request files and I've also been able to upload a few more svg files for SCAL users to cutters market. Here's a peek.

Fun Quotes:
*Whenever I think of you, I smile inside.
*A Smile as Sweet as Spring
*Some bunny loves you!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hi Neighbor!

One of our neighbors stopped by to introduce herself. She even brought a gift.

What a "sweet" idea!

This morning as I looked out my front door I was surprised to see another neighbor on my welcome mat . . .

He didn't stay to chat - and didn't leave any gifts (I think I'm thankful for that!) I'm guessing he's been here several times before, I just never greeted him! He wasn't here long before bounding back across the yard to the safety of his tree.

Anyone remember "Up with People"? Many, many years ago they came to our elementary school and sang. I still remember their opening song "Hi Neighbor" so as you can image that song's been playing through my head as I worked on today's file.
Now available for purchase at Cutters Market.

Neighbor Quotes:
*The fence that makes good neighbors needs a gate to make good friends.
*Your neighbor is the man who needs you - Elbert Hubbard
*Don't expect your neighbor to be better than your neighbor's neighbor.
*No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor -Danish Proverb
Have a great weekend!!
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