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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A little movie trivia

Just a little FYI . . .

The documentary film "American Teen" recently released in theaters features students who graduated with my daughter, right here in smalltown, Indiana. According to her it was a real hassle to put up with the film crew throughout the year, but it was interesting non-the-less. Everyone in her graduating class was invited to "apply" to be one of the students followed through their senior year of high school. Those interested were then interviewed, several were chosen and the filming began. DD and her friends decided the invasion of privacy wasn't worth the possibility of a little "fame" (plus they couldn't imagine their lives being movie-worthy!)

The film premiered here this week, to MUCH fanfare. If you want to see what a big deal this is to a small town read the news clip from the local paper here.

Our family wasn't part of the sold-out crowd, but we do want to see the movie once it is showing at the local theater. We'll be trying to see if we can catch a glimpse of our own DD in the background. LOL


  1. It won't be a movie I see.
    Thank goodness, no teens in this house. LOL
    ANd have a long, long way to go before my grand daughters are there.
    And from your note to us from last the post.
    No worries, we are just glad our friend is back and all is calm, all is bright.
    Aren't ya glad you didn't have to wait till Christmas for that to happen.

  2. Oh, I so want to see it just to see if I recognize anything/anyone, although I've been gone so long, I doubt it. And the school is not the building we went to. I thought that might have been your DD's class!


  3. How neat to know it was in your home town. I actually saw this movie as a preview back in May! We were in a room with FBI agents, and cell phones had to be turned off and they were watching to make sure no one was recording anything! I went with my daughter and friends. When they exited the movie they were 'interviewed' about which student type they were. I haven't seen any previews yet, but wonder if any of them made it with their comments. I might have to go see it again to watch more closely at the town, etc.


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