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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nashville - anyone?

Hubby and I will be visiting Nashville, Tennessee soon. This is a "scouting" expedition for a possible job transfer opportunity.

Any of you wonderful blog friends from Nashville or know about the area? Got any little known facts, hints or tips. The coolest places to live, visit, eat or shop? The easiest ways to get around? Any places to avoid?

Send me an e-mail or leave a comment. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

On another note . . .

Happy Independence Day!!

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**May your picnic stay dry and your fireworks soar high!**


  1. Happy 4th to you all too!
    Be safe and sorry, no news on the city.
    Keep us posted so we know where to find you. LOL

  2. Lived there for 10 years and still VISIT at least 4 times a year for several days. It has GROWN WAAAAYYYYY TOOOO big for me and my DH(who lived there all his life until we moved away for his job 6 years ago). and thought about recently moved back several times... and decided we don't want to live in an Atlanta... This is essentially what Nashville has become not to mention the fact it's a growing retirement community in the smyrna area... and almost every area of town is blurring together... and it's still Growing. Every time we go back we are like OMG... can it get any bigger??? So it just really depends on if you want to live in a Large city like that then you will love it. I can tell you for a fact they are seriously hurting and behind on road, highway, and interstate improvements. When they finished a massive road project 76-7 years back when we moved away it was said they were 10 years behind what they NEEDED for the size and they haven't changed very much in the past 6 years. So I guess that technically means they are now 15 years behind the growth. I know also that we lived in Brentwood... just off I65(about a mile) south of the I440 loop(about 5 miles)... I was 11 miles from work in the Centinnel Park area (HCA Healthcare Corporate Offices) and it took me almost an hour to get to work each morning in rush hour traffic. And the area we lived in has now grown massively... I would say at least 2,000 new condos and or houses. So that can give you an idea of how big and crowded it is.

    Good Luck on the job hunt/interviews! Blessings! Shawna

  3. Love to visit Nashville, we live about 1 1/2 away, love to visit the opry mills mall and the opryland hotel. Dont have any info on living there. Best of luck finding what you are looking for.


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