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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My First Bind-It-All Project

Things are going pretty smoothly here in regards to wedding prep - but time is passing quickly, nine days and counting!
We've finished up several projects and dreamed up a few more! :)
I've been working on designing the guestbook for the wedding, but thought I'd better try out my Bind-It-All on a not quite so important project first. Here's the mini-journal I made.

I recycled some of the unused wedding invites for the pages, printed a photo on one to create the front cover, inked around the edges, and layered a transparency on top to protect the photo a bit. Then I added a few rub-on flourishes. DD is using it to record gifts she's been receiving pre-wedding.

We're currently working on the guestbook, centerpieces, flower basket, pew bows, and bridesmaid gifts. All are coming along quite well!!

I'll be updating again when I get a chance. . .


  1. I see the time stamp that you logged in at. LOL
    Yep, your the mother of the bride.
    The BIA project is great.
    Keep that BIA handy, I use it all the time to make books for my 2 year old grand daughter (and for her sister too)
    I know, I know, to soon to say that, but you will be surprised how short the time is, no matter how long it is.
    Trust me when I say that.
    You are missed in this part of the world, but keep doing what you are doing, making memories is what it is all about!
    Blessings dear,

  2. I love it, so creative!!! TFS

  3. Love the picture on the front. Great job.


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