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Friday, May 30, 2008

Catch the Reading Bug

At the library we are gearing up for our summer reading program, the theme this year is Catch the Reading Bug. Everyone is really getting caught up in the insect theme and bugs are starting to pop up everywhere!

I’ve been listing all the books about bugs in the Children’s Dept. and although we have quite an extensive list, I guess the following titles just weren’t deemed worthy to include in the collection.

I Believe I Can Fly by Kat R. Piller
My Life Undercover by B. Ed Buggz
Leave them Scratching by Moe Skeetows
Fly Away Home by Ladybird B. Tell
Meta-Morph by Yukon Phly
Controlling Hives by Dr. Kween Bea
Getting Along with Your Co-Workers by R. MeeAnnt
A Little Night Music by Cree Kits
Avoiding the Early Bird by Eartha Erm
Beekeeping: The Basics by A. P. Airy
Navigating the West Nile by Amos Keytoe
How to Look Busy by Ali Z. Yant
Catch the Guy of Your Dreams by Webbie Spinner
Treat Her Like a Queen by A. B. Colony
A New You by Kris Alice
Insects: Past and Future by Marty McFly
Quick & Easy Snacks by Anton A. Logg

Isn’t it strange where one’s mind goes early in the morning??!! LOL

I’ve found another fun product to use with my cutter – removable book covers! These are the kind with repositionable adhesive on the back. I cut basic bug shapes from them (using the vinyl setting) and we are using them to decorate windows, etc. I have some in transparent neon colors and holographic designs too. I love how they leave no messy adhesive behind.
Y Have I mentioned, I LOVE my cutter!!

Available at Cutters Market

Wishing you a weekend filled with fun.


  1. This is just as cute as a bug in a rug....
    Thank you Vickie!

  2. Thanks, Vickie - I will be cutting these out for the kids to use in making a photo frame next weekend!


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