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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bonkin' Robin

I love waking in the mornings to the birds tweeting and chattering now. But we’ve got a bird sound we’d rather not hear right now. We’ve got ourselves a “Bonkin’ Robin” He spends his days bonkin’ into the window in our family room. We’ve tried shooing him and putting objects in front of the window but he won’t quit pounding himself into the window.
Sad to say, we have this problem with a mixed-up bird almost every year. Last year it was a robin (same brain-damaged one??) and before that we had cardinals try their luck at breaking in. After a day or two they give up but in the meantime we get a messy window and a “bonk” every few minutes.

Hope this cutter version of a robin behaves much better for you. LOL

Available at Cutters Market.
Happy weekend!

Bird Quotes:
*Of all things that inspire and delight, the best to behold is nature in flight!
*Sun shines, birds sing, garden angels flowers bring
*If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come ~ Chinese Proverb


  1. O.K. For all the good that inside me, I know this is not funny.
    So why can't I stop giggling??? LOL
    I will make ya a file.
    I will send it in a few.
    Make it as big as you can and tape it to your window.
    Love the file, thank yu.

  2. we too have the birds that want to fight themselves! One year we had a starling that sat on the outside truck mirror all day fussing at himself. (leaving quite a mess down the side of the truck) After a couple of weeks .. I finally had to make a cover to put over the mirror. If we would forget to put it on after driving the truck .. back he would be!

  3. Alas, Nance - the sign didn't work. He's still bonkin' to beat the band! LOL

    Too Funny Tonya, That starling must have thought he was a pretty handsome fella!! Vanity, vanity . . . LOL I can imagine the mess - yuck!


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