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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recipe Album Page

Here’s my latest addition to DD’s recipe album.
Coming Soon to Cutters Market.

The cutter file includes the hot peppers, recipe title and sombrero.
I used my Layered Turkey file for the bird.

This is a great recipe to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey or I often substitute chicken. Click here for the recipe.

We’re enjoying a beautiful middle-of-March day here today. It is 45 degrees, but everyone wants to shed their jackets! Saw lots of happy faces at the library today!!

*When baking follow directions. When cooking follow your heart.
*I like hugs and I like kisses - But what I REALLY love is help with the DISHES!


  1. Oh Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!
    Enjoy the warmth!

  2. Thanks for the file AND the recipe--it sounds delicious. I know your daughter is going to love the recipe book. May I ask the name of the font you used for this file? I like the stencil aspects of it without it looking boxy.

  3. Waving Hi!!!
    We are supposed to have normal or above temps for the next week - hurray!! (that means at least 45 degrees LOL)

    Leslie, I started with the Hey Gorgeous font, but I had to alter a few letters for the stencil effect. It is one of my favs!


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