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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Seems our holidays are getting all bunched up this year, with Easter only a few days after St. Patrick’s Day. So Happy St. Patrick's Day! - and lets move on to Easter!

I’ve been working on a few Easter files lately. Here’s today's share.

Available at Cutters Market.
Also in a card version.

The frame is sized to fit over a 4x6 print. But of course it is easy to resize!

I’m also making progress on wedding attire. DD’s gown is now hemmed!!
I can’t wait for her to try it on – getting rid of that excess length will make a lot of difference in how it looks and feels to her. Our next challenge is figuring out how to get the bustle looking the way we want it. This will also be a lot easier now that the dress is the proper length. I’ve also shortened and taken in DD#2’s bridesmaid dress. (She’s very tiny/petite, I shortened the dress 11”(!) and took it in a couple inches. This is on a size 2, mind you!) The girls get a long weekend off for Easter, so you can be sure we’ll be trying on those dresses again!

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  1. Oh I don't know where to begin.
    Oh fine, the dress. Woo Woo!!!
    I am so happy it is all going so nicely.
    Hummmmmmmmmmm. I bought a size 2 dress last week, for my 2 year old grand daughter. LOLOL
    Enjoy the week and weekend.
    I was born on Easter Sunday back in 1955 so Easter is one of my favorites.
    O.K. now the file.
    So cute. I am going to use it when we get pictures of our grand daughters coloring eggs.
    Thank you and I am going to but the easter basket too. It is too stinkin' cute.
    I am going to have it made, and let the girls put on the eyes and such. Just haven't had time this morning.
    Hugs and thanks

  2. LOL, believe me, I'm happy about the dress too!! Glad the nerve-wracking task of cutting is behind me!

    My birthday fell on Easter one year when I was in grade school. I read that Easter won't be this early in the year again until the year 2228!! Won't be around to see that one LOL.

    Don't you just love doing crafts with kids. Glue, markers, crayons, scissors, not to mention the fun of glitter!! When my girls were small we had a "craft box" filled with odds and ends for crafting. Grandma (my mom) could entertain my oldest by giving her a pair of scissors and an old magazine or junk mail. Val would spend all afternoon "snipping" everything into tiny, tiny pieces.

  3. My kids love crafts, too - they are rapidly becoming cutter afficiandos (SP?), too, and can appreciate a well-designed file. They both scrapbook and make cards already - DD is 9 and DS is 14.
    I am so glad the hemming on the dresses is complete - oh, how I hate hemming!
    Thanks for the frame - with the family Easter Egg hunt coming up, I will put it to good use!

  4. Glad you passed your crafting genes along to the next generation Deb!
    Have a fun time at your egg hunt (do the adults get to hunt too?)


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