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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Tiny Inside Out Gift

I don't have a cutting file today - but here's a fun gift idea . . .

We celebrated my nephew's twelfth birthday with him on Sunday. He's at the age where the only thing on his gift list is cold hard cash - which can be so boring to give (although much appreciated to receive!)

I usually try to come up with a unique way to present this type of gift just to make it a wee bit memorable. This time I tried some money origami aka money folding. **Not to be confused with money laundering!!** :)

I used crisp bills to make a tiny gift box (click for instructions by Clay Randall) - which was actually the gift - and put the card inside the little box. A Tiny Inside Out Gift! I wrote a birthday greeting on a long, thin strip of paper that I accordion folded so it kind of popped out of the box when opened.

My 19 year old nephew who has been the recipient of a few other "unique" cash gifts commented with a smile "Can't you ever just give us the money??" LOL - what fun is that?? He's had to fish his cash out of a large box of packing peanuts, had it wrapped in a ball of crepe paper
and had the pleasure of unwrapping a box in a box in a box to finally find his gift.

We've got our reputation to uphold now! LOL

Wishing you a fun-filled week!


  1. I had trouble getting online for a few days so I almost missed this box.
    How cute it this.
    We always give a little present for our son and daughter-in-love at Christmas.
    We do a gift for them together, usually something for the house, then we do one just for him and one just for her, then we do money.
    Each year we get a little more bizarre than the one before.
    Last year we balled up 500 one dollar bills.
    How great was that, watching to total anal people opened them and try to de-wrinkle them and get them to lay flat. LOL

  2. LOL - we are too much alike!!

    Mom always told me "it's not the gift but the thought that counts" Some gifts just take more thought than others and the love just oozes out!! :)


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