This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Star of David

Hello everyone!! I can't wait to get in some playtime today. I came home a bit early from work yesterday and was able to get some housework done (the papers & junk mail sure piled up fast!) After working with numbers all week (helping with inventory reports) I NEED (LOL) to let my creative side out today!!

Last Saturday I worked on getting the design figured out for this 3-D version of a Star of David. The fold lines give it a slightly raised effect. Instructions are included (hope they make sense!)

Available at Cutters Market.

Hope 4shared is working better for you all today than it did for me in uploading these files. It took me about 10 times to get my files loaded - Good Luck!! (FYI - the gsd is a zip file.)

This coming week I will be working again - so I'll squeeze in a post and file when I can. I am so enjoying sitting at my computer at home and looking out the WINDOW into my backyard (LOL).


  1. Oh Honey, you have been missed.
    It felt like a person in our family was away.
    Funny how cyber friends become close too.
    Thank you for the file, and I am sure it will make total sense.
    Have a fabulous weekend and hope to see more of you next week.

  2. Hi, Vicki! Thanks for the file - I'm going to try it out one day next week. I hope you got some much-deserved R&R this weekend...

  3. Missed you too Nance!

    Don't know for sure what this week has in store - I guess I go in a day at a time. Had lots of time this weekend as Sunday was an icy mess outside so we went nowhere! More messy weather this week is predicted. Don't mind me if I'm a grouch - I usually hibernate during this kind of stuff LOL!


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