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Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa Claus, IN

Here’s a bit of Indiana holiday trivia for you.

Did you know there is a town in southern Indiana named Santa Claus? It is the only town in the world named Santa Claus that has a post office. It is the “official” place the post office sends letters address to Santa (and you thought they went to the North Pole - LOL). Each year the town designs a unique postmark to be hand stamped on holiday mail and packages.

We visited the town many years ago when the girls were small. They have a wonderful family oriented amusement park that we thoroughly enjoyed. The rides were designed so that parents and children could all ride together. Santa Claus Land (as it was called then) was the world’s first theme park (it is now called Holiday World). Here’s a
link if you'd like to learn more about Santa Claus, Indiana.

With this week’s downloads you’ll have all the components for this little vignette. Today we’ll start with the title. Stop back later in the week to pick up the tree and the presents.

Available at Cutters Market.

Christmas Fun:
*Christmas is just like a day at the office. You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.
*More than Santa Claus, your sister/brother knows when you've been bad or good. ~Linda Sunshine


  1. When we were kids we drove through Santa Claus, IN on vacation, but never stopped. There used to be an amusement park here in Illinois - Santa's Village - until it closed last year. I went there as a kid and was also able to take my own kids there. The girls could visit Santa in the summer time and start their wishlists early.

    Patty M

  2. Love Holiday World, go there every summer if possible. Its just the best and cleanest theme park ever.
    I also still have a "santa dollar" from when i went there as a kid.
    Neat place,

  3. Holiday World is the BEST! Clean, friendly and free unlimited soft drinks! :)


  4. Oh what fun and whimsy I say!!!!
    I love this!
    I had heard about your town there.
    Too cool.
    Perhaps me and the hubster should retire there and help out!
    Thanks for the file.
    It was so nice seeing you here today!
    Have a great week!

  5. My folks live in Santa Claus and I am there at least once a week. Mom keeps Christmas things on display year-round, as do many of the people who live there. There is a lot of Santa-themed businesses - and Christmas Lake Village has every street named after something Christmasy!

  6. My husband's family lives right outside Santa Claus so we are there very frequently also. This past weekend was the Santa Claus Festival - the whole town was in celebration. They still have the Santa dollars at the Santa Claus museum which is right next to the post office. Our children were able to write a letter to Santa and drop it in his special mailbox while we were there. We even saw some of Santa's elves writing letters back to the children! It's a sweet place to visit if you have the opportunity. Thank you for your file, Vickie....I'm sure to use it on our Santa Celebration pages!


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