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Friday, November 2, 2007

Deviled Eggs

This entry title sounds a little of ghoulish so soon after Halloween, but I’m referring to a recipe page I completed for DD-1’s recipe album. LOL

We discovered that our deviled eggs are made from a SECRET RECIPE! Not because they have any secret ingredients, simply because no one ever uses a recipe, we just add pinches, dollops and squirts until they look and taste right! This may pose a problem for my sweet, logical everything-must-be-exactly-right daughter, though!!

Available at Cutters Market.

Food for Thought:
*Love and eggs are best when they are fresh - Russian Proverb
*A friend is someone who knows all your secrets.
*The real secret to success is enthusiasm ~ Walter Chrysler

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Can't read the recipe? Click here.


  1. Hi Vickie
    That is not a very secret recipe lol that is the same way I have made deviled eggs for years!
    Thanks for the file

  2. LOLOLOL.....
    That is almost mine too, that I got from "Nana" that she got from her mom.
    But, we use Mayo. LOL
    I don't think they had Miracle Whip back when our recipe started.
    Thanks Vickie, it is so cute!


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