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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Friday, October 5, 2007


A couple sweet treats for you today.
First, in order to help you celebrate
World Card Making Day (October 7, 2007), I’ve priced all my cards at Cutters Market at $.99 for the entire weekend! Visit my gallery and enter card99 into the search to find these cards – values are up to $1.49! Thanks for taking a look!

Did you Know:

  • 86% of scrapbookers also create handmade cards
  • 73% of card makers use their computer in part or all of their design
  • 92% of paper crafters create cards more than any other type of project

The second treat is this candy corn border. I've designed it so there are no tiny pieces to adhere - cuts in three easy pieces. Enjoy!

Purchase file here or at Cutters Market.

*Halloween Wishes & Candy Corn Kisses
*Enjoy the little things
*One craft project, like one piece of candy, is never enough!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey there!!!!
    I haven't been on the computer much since Saturday.
    Just wanted to say great job on the files.
    And, Thank you so much!!!
    I will go in later today and buy some of the cards.
    I love, just love the baby clothes cards, and I already know where the boy one will be going too.
    I have two dear friends who are having baby boys, and a sweet gramma that is expecting her second grand daughter next month.
    Thanks for keeping your files affordable for us "designer challenged" people.
    Have a glorious weekend!!!

  2. Hi Nance - missed you!
    I sure wouldn't call you "designer challenged" - I've seen some of the files you've shared! Thanks for your purchases & encouragement.

  3. A great file and a sale too. Woohoo.
    Will definately head over to grab a few.


  4. I love the file today - but not as much as the sale! I'm going to see what I can snag tonight. Thanks!!!

  5. Thanks Cindy & Deb!

    Go grab & snag to your hearts' content! LOL

  6. Hi Vickie :)

    Long time no speak :(

    Just catching up to say that I have tagged you. See my post today.

    Dashing out in a minute to take sarah to dance but will have a quick look down your posts now.

    Take Care . . . Sue


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