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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Have you seen any interesting scarecrows lately?
My mom has made a couple fun ones – unfortunately I don’t have any photos. I’ll have to take my camera on my next visit so I can share with you. One wears Dad’s old clothes and waves hello as you drive up the driveway, the other has a sleeker look – it is adorned with mirrors and a hubcap and reflects the country scenery.

My Little Scarecrow 10 years ago.

Did you know there is a relationship between scarecrows and the bogeyman?

Here’s some history I found:
Immigrants who moved to the United States during the 1800s brought with them a variety of ideas for making scarecrows. In Pennsylvania, German farmers built human looking scarecrows called a bootzamon (or bogeyman). His body was a wooden cross and his head was a broom or mop top or a cloth bundle stuffed with straw. The bootzamon wore old overalls, a long-sleeved shirt or coat, a worn woolen or straw hat, and a large red handkerchief around his neck. Sometimes a second scarecrow was built to keep the bootzamon company. A bootzafrau or bogeywife, dressed in a long dress or coat and wearing a sunbonnet on her head, was placed on the opposite end of the field. The bootzamon and bootzafrau guarded cornfields, strawberry patches, and cherry orchards.
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Do you have a scarecrow? I'd love to post some photos on my blog if you want to share. Any kind is fair game!

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  1. Ever have one of those days where the more you do, the faster you go the further behind you get?
    Welcome to my world of yesterday.
    Love the scarecrow.
    Glad he wasn't too too scary, me be afraid. LOL
    Thanks Hon!

  2. Hope those days are few and far between for you!
    This scarecrow can't even scare the crow away. He's a friendly guy!


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