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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Playing Hooky

Taking a little time away today. Paying for two in college and a wedding in the near future, I’ve learned to become quite a penny pincher. Wanna know my best tip for saving money???
Stay out of the stores!!

Avoiding temptation works for me. Either that or shop with DH, we shop so fast it is almost the same thing LOL.
But today I’m feeling the need to get out and see what’s new; fall seems to do that to me.
Thriftiness is pretty well ingrained in me by now, though, so most of the shopping will be the “window” variety, but that seems to satisfy (most times). I plan to visit the scrapbook store a couple towns over, they also have a JoAnns and I want to visit their Walmart (why don’t they have the good bargains at MY Walmart??) Sounds like quite a splurge doesn’t it? LOL

Hope you can find the time to do something fun today!


  1. Too bad the ol' hometown threw out the JoAnn's so long ago, huh? My mom was visiting last weekend and she got to go to JoAnn's AND Michael's -- she had a great time!


  2. Thanks Cindy - I really did!

    Well look who stopped by! Hi Lorna!
    You've got that right, wish they would come back!! I went to Plymouth they have a big scrapbook store and a JoAnn's and their Walmart even has a better craft department. They are a bit closer than Ft. Wayne. Don't be a stranger - come back soon!


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