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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Monday, October 29, 2007

My List of Awesome

Today’s share is another option for an Awesome title, this one is a little more masculine version.

File available at Cutters Market.

So I was thinking – what are some of things that are “awesome” in my eyes?? Here’s my short list, in random order:

  • Ocean waves
  • A baby’s laugh
  • Sunrise
  • God
  • Grand Canyon
  • The Universe
  • My family :)
  • Sunset
  • A thunderstorm
  • A babbling brook
  • Clouds
  • An atom
  • DNA
  • A butterfly
  • Eyes
  • Tree bark
  • Hummingbirds
  • My friends
  • A snowflake
  • A rainbow

What is awesome to you?
Wouldn’t it be fun to poll your family? – see what is on everyone’s “Awesome List” – a great conversation starter!

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  1. Another "Awesome" file.
    Thank you.
    And yes, from yesterday, I do have an awesome mom.
    She is better known as "Nana." Everyone calls her that.
    One day someone said "Fran" and a gal that had known "Nana" for a year,
    wanted to know who "Fran" was. LOL
    It is "Nana's" real name. LOL
    Thanks Vickie.
    P.S. Saw you vinyl cut out on the WB board, that was "awesome" too.

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing this file. It is sometimes so hard to find things for teenage boys but this one is kewl for boys of any age.

  3. LOL - Fun story Nance!

    Thanks Tammy, Having girls it is sometimes hard not to make everything a little girly. LOL
    Glad this one will work for the guys!

  4. Thank you for another cute file, Vickie. I love it. I love stars in my children's scrapbook pages. I love the lines. Shae


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