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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Little Nutty

Have you ever seen a squirrel bury a nut??
I had the pleasure last week. While standing at the kitchen window preparing supper I saw the little guy scamper across the yard with a big black walnut in his mouth. There on the ground looking right in my direction he started digging with his front paws while holding the nut in his mouth. After digging a bit, he stuffed the nut in the hole. He did a funny little wiggling dance while pushing the nut and burying it and then scurried away.
I snapped a photo - although you can’t really tell what he was doing. He was fast! He was finished in a matter of seconds!

Later I went out to see if I could find the little buried treasure. Since I was searching for it and had my photo for landmarks I was able to locate the nut. There was just a tiny bit of upturned dirt on top, and the actual nut was buried deeper than I expected. Made me wonder how many other "treasures" I was walking on while unaware.
It was a silly little reminder to me to take a moment to notice what is going in the lives of those around me. Keep an eye open today for the “little things.”
File available at Cutters Market or here.
Little Quotes:
*Treasured Moments
*Little Things mean Everything ~ Samual Johnson


  1. This is going to be perfect for some squirrel pages i have. We raised a baby squirrel a couple years ago. Too cute!

    Although i cant get it to download, is it just my computer? or is anyone else having problems.

  2. Hi Lisa - maybe a temporary problem? I just tried and it worked for me.

    Never seen a baby squirrel - bet they are tiny (and cute!)

  3. Yes, i guess it was just downloaded it. Thanks :) I just love all the files you come up with you are definatly a creative soul!

  4. Oh I had to giggle at the thought of you out there digging up his nut. LOL
    I hope you had him sign a disclaimer to put his picture on the internet.
    Thanks for the cute file.

  5. LOL - Just for the record - I left the nut where it was - I don't want any little squirrel hit-man coming after me next time I venture outside my door!!


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