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Monday, October 8, 2007

A Day at The Park

We enjoyed a beautiful, unusually warm, fall weekend here. Saturday DH & I headed off to a local Fall Festival. We took in the street-side car show, enjoyed the vendors displaying and demonstrating their techniques (candle making, copper smithing, an apple press, wood turning.) The town was also hosting a Vintage Base Ball tournament - The Hoosier Huzzah Pennant. Dressed in vintage inspired uniforms the teams played the “polite" form of the game using the 1858 rules.
The Clodbusters at bat.
Some differences from modern baseball include – no ball mitts are used, a hit that is caught after one bounce is an out, and the players determine if they are out or safe on base, if there is a dispute the umpire can ask the opinion of the bystanders.
The Saints after warm-ups.
It was a competitive but fun environment. After the games we took a hike down the nature trail in the park and enjoyed watching boats on the lake.

Today’s share is a title to accompany your photos featuring a day at the park.

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*A Day for Play
*In the swing of things

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  1. Love this one for sure!
    It is a beautiful time of the year to go to the park.
    Thank you!
    Hope your weekend was filled with fun, love and rest!

  2. Thanks for all the great files, it would be hard to pick my favorite there are so many!!


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