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Psalm 118:24 - BGlad!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Still Got It!

Please excuse me for doing a bit of bragging today . . .

DH played in a softball tournament this weekend. They put together a team consisting of recent high school grads (several of whom played baseball in school) along with their dads and other more “mature” fellows who had played ball together 15 or more years ago. It was a great group of competitive, athletic guys, who were just hoping to have some fun and not get injured!

Being the wife of one of the age 40-something guys on the field, I was prepared to spend the time on the bleachers in constant prayer that we didn’t have to make a trip to the ER! I am happy to report that no one had to visit the hospital! (although many Tylenol were administered - LOL) They played a total of 6 games, won 4 and lost two (the last game by only one run - 20-21). DH was the only one to hit any home runs – and he had 3! Needless to say, although he was pretty sore, he still felt pretty good! He’s Still Got It!

I actually got a photo of his 3rd HR hit!

File includes the welded title with a mat, along with the words He’s, She’s, We’ve, and I’ve – so that you can personalize it depending on who you know that has Still Got It. LOL
File available at Cutters Market.

*Holy Cow - Harry Caray, Sports Announcer
*We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing ~ George Bernard Shaw
*Game well done

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  1. This is to cute thank you.
    I have a hubby that's "still got it"
    P.S. I try to post when you have blog writings, but like today the site shuts me down.
    I took me three times to get it to stay working.
    Just wanted you to know, If I don't post to ya, I didn't have time to go back in a second and third time. LOL

  2. Hi Nance! I've always appreciated your comments - now I appreciate them 3x as much!! Sorry you've had to go back in so many times - I'll totally understand when I don't hear from you! Thanks for making the effort (again and again . . .)

    The only thing (well, not the only thing!) I can't understand about my DH - how can he play three tough games of softball in one day, and get worn out from shopping for only 30 minutes?!


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