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Saturday, September 8, 2007

September Freebies

I've just designated seven of my files at Cutter Market as "September Freebies"
Browse my gallery to pick up these files.

Happy Cutting!


  1. Hi Vicki - Thanks for the freebies. I was looking around and found the notebook paper - I've been looking for something like that. However, I'm curious to know why I was charged shipping/handling on an instant download?

  2. Thanks so much for your generosity!!


  3. Hi Tammy,
    If you want a detailed explanation for the handling charge, please feel free to contact the Cutter's Market directly at Pam and Dan are very friendly and customer oriented, they would take your questions and concerns seriously.

    The store is set up a bit differently from others. Sort of like a consignment store for file designers. The fee helps cover the owners time/expenses in running the store and uploading each designers files. (After starting this blog I appreciate all their work even more - it takes a LOT of time to get everything set up and working right!)

    Even with the handling charge added, the prices for most files are less than you pay elsewhere.

    I'm sorry if the handling charge was an unpleasant surprise.

    Hope you enjoy the files!

  4. You are welcome, Melinda!
    I'd love to see ways you use the files. Send me a picture if you're so inclined!

  5. Oh gosh - I was just wondering. I have ordered from there before but didn't remember seeing it (see how well I pay attention!) That makes perfect sense :)

  6. LOL - There's no harm in asking Tammy! I can see why the fee might take you by surprise. Happy Cutting!


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