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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recipe Album is Started!!

Sis & I had a great day yesterday. Not really that productive in terms of number of pages completed, but enjoyed catching up with each other’s lives. Her hubby has been out of town for a few days so she was eager for a dose of adult conversation as well. LOL

I have three pages completed for DD’s recipe album! Here are two of them.

Journaling: Kool-Aid?! A recipe for Kool-Aid? At my wedding shower in 1982 guests were asked to share a favorite recipe – but no one was told about it until after they arrived. It is hard to recall a recipe from memory – especially when you’re the bride’s 10 year old sister. I like the last step “and drink it.”

Journaling: Blueberry muffins – our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. Grandma Miller started the tradition using frozen blueberries that our family had picked the summer before in Michigan.

Although I’m most comfortable making 12x12” pages, 8.5x11” seems to be working well for this album.

Today's share is the file for the blueberry border and tile.

File available at Cutters Market.

Have a great day!

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  1. Just Wonderful Vickie!!!!!
    These pages are just too too cute!!!!
    The file is awesome!!!
    Makes me want to bake.......
    O.K. that was a lie, but they make me want to eat!!!!
    Great job and thanks so much!

  2. Love the recipes, this is one the things i love to do is scrapbook recipes, they seem to come together so fast and easy. Would love to see more "food files" for sale or for free :)

  3. Vickie- Is that file just perfect for me, or what? I'd never think to ask for blueberries, but my toddler ate the neighbors' bush clean! And it's taller than me! And we're in Michigan. How perfect again. Thank you so much for this file- it's great!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Nance - You don't know how hard I worked to get something completed to show today! LOL

    Lisa - these were fun and quick - I should have done some long ago! I'm working on more food files - stayed tuned :)

    Liz - Too funny - My sis was working on a blueberry picking layout yesterday too - which I wasn't aware of until she got here! Those Michigan berries are irresistible! We would take a day and drive up to Jones, Michigan with my grandparents to pick berries. We came home with the car trunk (and our tummies!) full of berries.

    Can't blame your little one too much - but how DID they reach the top ones??


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