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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shadow Boxes

Do you use your cutouts for things other than cards and scrapbooking??
My girls and I put together a couple shadow boxes as wedding/shower gifts.

For the first we were actually able to include mementos from the wedding – dried rose petals, a boutonniere, ribbon and tiny butterflies from the shower. We added the wedding invitation, a string of beads, and several wedding cutouts.

For the second we we inserted the invitation and a silver photo frame, some fancy trim and rhinestones, silk flowers, a string of beads and tulle. We included a note encouraging the couple to add their own memories and photos from the wedding to personalize it.

We used this cutout in the photo frame in the second gift.

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*Two hearts, one love
*Always & Forever
*The memories we collect and give brighten our lives as long as we live ~ Julie Sneyd

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  1. Your shadow boxes are just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Tammy,
    We had a lot of fun putting them together. I feel like I need to make one for myself now too! I'm pretty sure I have a lot of things stashed away that I could be displaying and enjoying! It is never too late right? LOL

  3. Thanks for the beautiful file! I am in the process of scrapping my daughter's wedding album, so this will be perfect!

  4. You are welcome - I was hoping someone else could use it!

    I have some others almost ready to post at Cutters Market, so you might want to check there in a few days!

  5. Such a great idea :) I am hoping to do something more than just a photo stuck in a frame for our very bare white washed walls.

    The whole point of the plain walls was that they would be a backdrop. I really must find the time :) If you find it first please give me a shout !!


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